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Services in West Purbeck Benefice



HC CW Holy Communion Common Worship

HC BCP Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer

AAW All Age Worship (Family friendly Service)

NP Night Prayer (also known as Compline)




September 2021 Services

Please also see all the notes below the table, concerning both booking into church services and also how to get the online links.


  Streamed Church Church Church Readings
Wed 1st Sept 10am BCP Holy Communion        
Sun 5th September

Trinity 14

  9am BCP Holy Communion

East Lulworth


10:30am Café Church Winfrith Village Hall

9am Holy Communion Bere Regis


11am Holy Communion Affpuddle





10:30am Holy communion Wool

Isa. 35.4-7a or James 2.1-10,14-17

Mark 7.24-end

Wed 8th September     11am Holy Communion Bere Regis    
Sun 12th September

Trinity 15


10:45am Holy Communion 9am Holy Communion

West Lulworth

9am Holy Communion Affpuddle


11am Family Service

Bere Regis

9am BCP Holy Communion Wool Isa. 50. 4-9a or James 3. 1-12

Mark 8. 27-end

Sun 19th September

Trinity 16



Prayer & Praise





6pm Harvest Worship

Chaldon Herring

9am Holy Communion Bere Regis


11am Holy Communion Affpuddle

  Wisd,1.16-2.1,12-22 or Jer 11.18-20 or James 3.13-4.3,7-8a

Mark 9.30-37

Wed 22nd September     11am Holy Communion

Bere Regis

10:15am Holy Communion D’Urberville Wool  
Sun 26th September

Trinity 17





4pm Messy Church




10:30am Harvest Worship Winfrith Newburgh

9am Holy Communion Affpuddle


11am Holy Communion Bere Regis




10:30am Harvest & Holy Communion Wool

(Trinity 17)

James 5. 13-end

Mark 9. 38-end




Important - if you are attending Services held in church

Please note that the requirements of social distancing mean that the number who can attend church services in person at this time is restricted. You must let the Churchwarden of the church you plan to attend know in advance so that there will be space for you and your family. Telephone numbers can be found above.

Face coverings should be worn by all those attending inside a place of worship.

In-church services can of course only take place in accordance with the Government COVID regulations prevailing on the day. Changes at short notice will be notified via email, social media and posters.


Enquiries about services, times, booking in, etc:

Either contact your local church on its special number below or email the Benefice Office:


Church Service Contact Details:

Holy Rood Church, Wool, Sue Burroughs,01929 463803,


St. John the Baptist, Bere Regis, Sarah Welton, 01929 471562


St. Laurence, Affpuddle, Elizabeth Whatley, 01305 84895,

or Mike Menzies, 01929 471263


Holy Trinity Church, West Lulworth, Paul Simpson, 01929 400376


St. Andrew Church, East Lulworth, Paul Pinnock, 01929 400413,


St. Christopher Church, Winfrith Newburgh, Giles Marsh, 01929 400259


St. Nicholas, Chaldon Herring, Jeremy Selfe, 01305 852138



Streamed Worship Notes

Log on for Sunday morning online streamed worship from 10:30am, please email for the link (as above).

You are most welcome to join in and if you would like to have more details please email the Church Office.

The link is emailed in advance and you would need to give your contact details including an email address and phone number. We can't publish the links here for security reasons, but you are still very welcome.*

It is highly recommended not to 'arrive' at the very last minute as most people enjoy it more by taking a little while to get a good connection sorted out and iron out any queries. Also arriving in good time prevents you being excluded inadvertently by the security lock (see next paragraph).

* The service is locked for admission soon after the start time to prevent abusive internet behaviour which sadly has happened occasionally to other churches using online worship.